So There Is No Plan.

Not quite what I wanted to hear from the haematologist during our meeting today. As I mentioned in my last blog I was somewhat concerned that there were no appointments beyond the first round of chemo with the new GDP regime. Having got that resolved or at least partially to include todays appointment, I wasContinue reading “So There Is No Plan.”

A Little Black Companion

Since starting my journey with lymphoma in 2016 I would say that my emotions have been through something of a roller coaster. Starting with the initial diagnosis which occurred on Sarah’s birthday when denial seemed the best option for dealing with things. Slowly over a period of time I have been forced to come toContinue reading “A Little Black Companion”

Stuck On The Wheel

When you look at a Hamster spinning on the treadwheel you wonder if it’s too stupid to get off. They seem to exhaust themselves, take a rest on the wheel and then have another go. So it seems like with my treatment. Not that I am too stupid to get off, just that without stayingContinue reading “Stuck On The Wheel”

20 Days In Solitary

This story first appeared in my Licenced To Retire blog in December 2020 It’s taken me a bit of time to write this and it’s quite a long story. Not because things went wrong but rather processing all that has happened over the last few weeks has taken longer than I thought it would. InContinue reading “20 Days In Solitary”

The Long Corridor.

This post first appeared in my Licenced To Retire blog in August 2020 The other day Sarah and I visited the Hematologist for the results of a PET Scan. Which for those who don’t know is similar to an MRI or CT scan. Except that it uses radioactive isotopes to find cancer in your body.Continue reading “The Long Corridor.”

A Small Lump In The Road

Originally published in Feb 2020 on my other blog. I had it all worked out just before Christmas with my mum having passed away in November, our regular return visits home to get her to various hospital appointments would no longer be required. We would be free to get back to the south islandContinue reading “A Small Lump In The Road”

Staying In Our Bubble

This post first appeared in my Licencedtoretire blog in March It’s been almost two weeks since we were all locked into our place of residence. For those of us who live in a motorhome. There was the struggle of finding somewhere to see out the lockdown, with every second place closing faster than you couldContinue reading “Staying In Our Bubble”

Lumps And Bumps.

This story first appeared in my Licenced to Retire blog in January 2020 Those that have been following my blog over time will know that in 2016 I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy. This led to the decision to sell the business and retire.  The company was named after one of myContinue reading “Lumps And Bumps.”