A Whole Bunch Of Numbers

It’s basically two years since I first noticed the lump on the left side of my neck. A CT scan in early January 2020 confirmed the return of my Follicular Lymphoma that I had first experienced and been treated for in 2016. It’s been one hell of a roller-coaster ride since, and I thought IContinue reading “A Whole Bunch Of Numbers”

Nothing To Report Here ðŸ˜Š

Now it really has been quite some time since I have written my last post. Each time I went to start writing I realised that I really didn’t have very much to say. The days of chemo going wrong and my physical health going downhill appear to be behind me. Or at least in theContinue reading “Nothing To Report Here ðŸ˜Š”

Anxiety Rules Ok!

I think we all have experienced someone telling a joke that nobody gets. Back in the 1970’s (I’m showing my age here) there was a popular expression that XXX Rules OK. At the time my father used to subscribe to a political satire magazine posted from England known as Private Eye. One issue featured oneContinue reading “Anxiety Rules Ok!”

Riding The Emotional Rollercoaster

I was expecting to write this story with the title something like. “Well that’s not good news” or “Trial fails to meet expectations.” However, in a major unexpected twist it didn’t turn out like that at all. Call me paranoid or delusional but I had convinced myself that after what appeared to be initial successContinue reading “Riding The Emotional Rollercoaster”

Having A Double Expresso

Actually that’s an intentional typo, it should really read. Having A Double Expressor. What you may ask is a double expressor? And that’s why I have used the coffee analogy. Imagine that you have been going to the same café for the last five years and suddenly they change the coffee beans they have beenContinue reading “Having A Double Expresso”

A Tiny Dose Starts The Trial

It’s one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine days since a CT scan revealed that I probably had lymphoma. A battery of tests followed including an abdominal biopsy which confirmed follicular lymphoma. Like a lot of people I underwent six rounds of R-Chop chemotherapy a common first line treatment and then spent a couple ofContinue reading “A Tiny Dose Starts The Trial”