Having A Double Expresso

Actually that’s an intentional typo, it should really read. Having A Double Expressor. What you may ask is a double expressor? And that’s why I have used the coffee analogy. Imagine that you have been going to the same cafĂ© for the last five years and suddenly they change the coffee beans they have beenContinue reading “Having A Double Expresso”

A Tiny Dose Starts The Trial

It’s one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine days since a CT scan revealed that I probably had lymphoma. A battery of tests followed including an abdominal biopsy which confirmed follicular lymphoma. Like a lot of people I underwent six rounds of R-Chop chemotherapy a common first line treatment and then spent a couple ofContinue reading “A Tiny Dose Starts The Trial”

Fred Transforms To Frieda.

Those that know about follicular lymphoma will know that the disease has the ability to transform. Turning itself from an indolent slow growing disease into a faster growing harder to kill version known as DLBCL. So it wasn’t a major surprise, given how things have been progressing with my disease to discover that mine hasContinue reading “Fred Transforms To Frieda.”