The Perfect Match

With week three of my clinical trial done and dusted and little to report that’s different from the two previous weeks. I thought I would take the time to document a little about the search for a donor when an allogenic transplant was still an option for me. Since family are the best source ofContinue reading “The Perfect Match”

Frieda Is Actually Goldilocks

I started this blog sitting in the waiting room of the Auckland Cancer Clinical Trial Centre, waiting to start my trial. It’s been a very long road to get to this point and one that I have documented through this blog. Like everyone a certain amount of trepidation awaits what will happen today, will IContinue reading “Frieda Is Actually Goldilocks”

Fred Transforms To Frieda.

Those that know about follicular lymphoma will know that the disease has the ability to transform. Turning itself from an indolent slow growing disease into a faster growing harder to kill version known as DLBCL. So it wasn’t a major surprise, given how things have been progressing with my disease to discover that mine hasContinue reading “Fred Transforms To Frieda.”